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Mahnomen Music Department Spring Pops Concert

Mahnomen High School Choir performs from the high school stage in the gymnasium.

Mahnomen Spring Pops Concert

and Awards Recognition

By Sue Gruman Kraft

The Mahnomen High School Band performed in concert on May 21, 2021, at the MHS Gymnasium.

The High School Band played featured songs from The Avengers, The Best of Journey, and Selections from Moana.

The Mahnomen Music Department held its Spring Pops Concert on Friday, May 21, at the Mahnomen School Gymnasium. The Bands were under the direction of Jill Bisek. The Choirs were under the direction of Megan Argall, and were accompanied by Lavon Cook. You can view some videos from the concert on the Mahnomen Pioneer’s YouTube Channel. A featured video is also on our website at
The concert began with the Elementary Band. This was their first concert of the year, due to COVID restrictions. They did very well with their performance of three songs: “BB Rock” by Nicholas Forte; “Downtown Blues,” by Barrie Gott, and “Eye of the Tiger,” arr. by Gerald Sebesky.
The Jazz II Ensemble performed “Brazil,” arr. Jerry Nowak, and “Awesome Sauce,” by Larry Neeck.
The Junior High Band were out to amaze the audience by performing “Alladin Highlights,” arr. Michael Sweeney; “Highlights from Harry Potter,” by Williams and Story; and “The Best of Queen,” arr. Paul Murtha.
The Junior High Choir took advantage of the stage to perform an “I Love Rock and Roll Medley,” by Greg Gilpin; “Humble and Kind,” by Roger Emerson, with soloists Aiyana Swenson, Olivia Halvorson, and Bridget Miller; and “Don’t Stop Believin’” by Alan Billingsley, with soloists Alex Lee and Olivia Halvorson.
The High School Choir made good use of the stage and the new sound system. The choir performed three pieces: “Treat People with Kindness,” by Ed Lojeski; “Lovely,” by Mark Brymer; and “Bohemian Rhapsody,” by Mark Brymer.
Three selected vocal contest soloists were also featured: Sonya Penner, soprano, performed “Think of Me.” Mason Hamilton, Baritone, sang Rolling Down to Rio.” Abbigail Krebsbach, Alto, sang “Over the Rainbow.”
The Mahnomen High School Band ended the concert with three selections: “The Avengers,” by Silvestri/Vinson; “The Best of Journey,” arr. Paul Murtha; and “Selections from Moana,” arr. Jay Bacook, with soloist William Starkey, on alto saxophone.
Elementary Band members include the following:
Flutes: Mataya Bigbear, Juliette Hisgun, and Gabby LaGue. Clarinet: Emily Abdo, Cassidy Bjerk, Catarina Georgi, Callie Guinn, Molly LaGue and Celeste Wilson.
Saxophones: Draden Antell, Callie Bjerk, Gavin McArthur, Noah Sargent, Chase Stock and Colton Warnsholz. Trumpet: Evelyn Hausner, Nenookaasi Potra. Alto Clarinet: Alrick Accobee.
French Horn: Hunter Lefstad. Trombone: Brandon Miller. Euphonium: Josephine Refshaw. Bass Keyboard: Thomas Phillips. Tuba: Thor Askelson. Percussion: Owynn Lamb and Bentley Linden.
Junior High Band members include the following:
Flute: Isabella Schlick, Tyler Schoenborn. Clarinet: Bailey Halvorson, Danika Kochmann, Alivia Lafriniere, Mia McArthur, Majestic Murray.
Saxophone: Darwin Accobee, Amaris Blue, Olivia Halvorson, Natalie Noll. Trumpet: Leah Hlubek, Lex Mcougal, Blake McMullen, Bridget Miller, Kaya Slette.
Bass Clarinet: Ethan Jackson. Trombone: Morgan Houdek, Curtis Mehr. Euphonium: Ashlyn Forehand, Tate Houdek, Christian Jaeger.
Tuba: Henry Geray. Percussion: Cooper Bendickson, McKenna Bjerk, Seth Hlubek, Lillian Linden and Kaitlyn Obowa.
Junior High Choir members include: Olivia Halvorson, Goergia Hill-Burnette, Alyssa Hisgun, Hunter Jaeger, Christopher Kier, Alivia Lafriniere, Alex Lee, Bridget Miller, Majestic Murray, Kristella Neeland, Kaitlyn Obowa, Oustin Oppegard, Pilar Penaloza-Dooley, Cassidy Sargent, Aiyana Swenson, Alexandra Tibbets, Heather Tracy, Jeanette Villebrun, Solar Wilson.
High School Choir members include: Madison Doran, Lukas Geray, Starr Greaver, Mason Hamilton, Abbigail Krebsbach, Jesse Kuznia, Makenzie Lee, Ryean Lyman, Ian McArthur, Sonya Penner, Lyn Peterson, Skyla St. Clair, and Dominic Voit.
High School Band members include:
Flute: Natalee Boyum, Kylie Jensen. Clarinet: Anna Accobee, Caterina Guinn, Gabby Hisgun, Hannah Jensen, Sonya Penner, Madyson Speer, Jayden Wadena. Bass Clarinet: Makenzie Lee, Kendra Miller.
Alto Saxophone: Dawson Darco, William Starkey. Tenor Saxophone: Ian McArthur. Bari Saxophone: Michelle Wadena. Trumpet: Jenna Geray, Miah Kettner, Tate Ose, Brody Schlick, Hanna Worms.
Trombone: Carter Clark, Gabe Eiynck, Cooper Houdek, Sam LaVoy-Brunette, John Refshaw, Joseph Slette, Sady Swiers. Baritone Horn: Emma Accobee, Nathan Stech. Tuba: Garret Eiynck. Percussion: Gavin Hlubek, Max Ose, and Isaac Svendsgaard.

Sub-Section 30 Solo Contest Participants and Ratings:
* Starr Greaver, mezzo-soprano: Excellent.
* Mason Hamilton, baritone: Excellent.
* Abbigail Krebsbach, alto: Excellent.
* Sonya Penner, soprano: Excellent.
* Miah Kettner, trumpet: Excellent.
**Samuel LaVoy-Brunette, trombone: Superior.
** Sonya Penner, clarinet: Superior.
** Madyson Speer, clarinet: Superior.


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